Never Trust a Callboy

The german bestselling cozy mystery novel is now available for english readers!


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It has been quite for a long time on this blog. One of the reasons is, that I have been publishing a couple of german novels and I have been working on part 2 of the Sariel Baldwin Series. The english version will be released next year.

But that’s not all. Currently “Creatures of Fire” is featured at e-Sentral the ebook shop in Malaysia! Also there will be a new cover soon!

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Only you can help!

Futuristic Alien City - Computer Artwork“Save Dschinnanya!” my crowd funding project to finance part 2 of the fantasy series “Creatures of Fire” is now live! If you want to help to make part 2 happen, you only have to contribute one Dollar!!! Of course, you can contribute more than that, but it’s entirely up to you.

Check it out! Right here:

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Save Dschinnanya! – Weeks 2 and 3

Ok, I’ve been quiet these past two weeks. But there wasn’t much to report as I am currently contacting book bloggers asking them if they are interested in hosting my blog blitz for
“Save Dschinnanya!”.

Thankfully I already have some blogs who are willing to participate and I really, really appreciate that!

If there is a book blogger out there who loves fantasy books and would like to take part in my blog blitz, please contact me and I  will send you more details.

My email address is: bscheja (at) gmx dot de

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Save Dschinnanya! – Week 1

ID-10020299Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t blog as much as last week about my new project. The thing is, I have to earn money by not writing novels but by doing something a bit more boring. So I had to put my crowd funding project on the back burner. This didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything, just not as much as in the first few days.

Last week I contacted many fantasy book bloggers, asking them whether or not they were interested in featuring my project. So far I am still waiting for answers. Seems that not everybody is as enthusiastic as I am about my endeavor. I’ll give it more time but at the moment I am seriously considering hiring a blog tour organiser. The only problem is: this will cost me and I am not sure if I can afford it.

Next week I’ll contact more bloggers. Hopefully I’ll get some positive feedback. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Any book bloggers who read this and would like to have more information about featuring “Save Dschinnanya!”, please send me an email: jb at jb-brooklin dot com

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Get a glimpse of Dschinnanya!

Sailing Ship In A Desert - Fantasy SceneReaders that havent’t yet read part 1 of the “Creatures of Fire Series”, can get a glimpse to see what it is like to be in Dschinnanya. This is an excerpt from “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder“:

“Wow!” Sariel stopped, hearing the door close at her back. Today the city was not deserted but crowded with demons and other creatures. And that was not the only thing that had changed; the inside of Abu Ayub’s house should have prepared her for what she saw but somehow it was different to see it. Yesterday’s town had transformed into an Arabian city with packed mud replacing the cobbled streets and Moorish buildings in place of the old town houses.

The demons populating the streets were mostly dressed in burnouses. The women covered their heads, and some even wore veils to hide their faces. And then there were a number of beings Sariel could not identify. Some looked like Ioni, and some totally different. All of them could be mistaken for humans but on closer inspection the different skin and set of eyes, as well as their unusual hair coloring, gave them away as some kind of prenatural being. The most beautiful ones, at least in Sariel’s opinion, were the tall, slender creatures with hair like spun silver. Morroks. The name was whispered in her head. That’s what we are called.

With a start Sariel looked around. It was disconcerting that almost everyone, except for herself, was able to read thoughts. But this time it was even more eerie. This time a voice was talking in her head.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m about to go crazy.

Morroks are half-fairy, half-elves. And you are not crazy, the voice told her.

Someone was making fun of her, but Sariel didn’t see the joke. Instead, panic began to rise in her chest. How was she supposed to survive in a world where everyone could enter her head? Without her being able to put a stop to it?

“I am sorry, that was very rude of me.” One of the so-called Morroks bowed in front of her. When he straightened, Sariel looked into the face of a man, so beautiful he could have been an angel. The long silver hair fell in waves down his back. A dark blue burnous set off eyes that were sky blue.

“You are new to Dschinnanya and I couldn’t resist answering the question that was so clearly written on your face. Don’t worry; I cannot read your thoughts, but I can put them into your head.” He smiled.

“That is not very reassuring,” Sariel said. “How did you know that I’m new here?” she added.

“Oh, everybody knows about you and the reason you came. As soon as someone crosses the border to Dschinnanya, the ruling demons are alerted. Coupled with their ability to read thoughts there is not much you can keep a secret here. But please, I must ask your forgiveness. I entered your mind without permission and I have not even introduced myself.” He bowed again and put his right hand over his heart. “My name is Jazni.”

“Nice to meet you, Jazni. I’m Sariel, but you probably already know that.”

“Sariel! What a beautiful name.” He smiled again, transforming his face into such an ethereal beauty that it was hard to look at him. Sariel felt herself blushing. I have to stop that, she thought. It was embarrassing and she wasn’t a little girl anymore.

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Save Dschinnanya! – The Weekend

Fantasy Scene with Statues, Mountains and a LakeDespite the fact, that I didn’t want to do much on the weekend -and I hadn’t- I managed to get myself kicket ouf of a Facebook group. Which is a first. This is what happens if you want to just do a tiny little thing, like post a tweet for others to retweet. I wanted to inform other authors that they can find a kind of diary here, explaining how I prepare my crowd funding project and what I do in order to attract people to it. I like to read this type of blog myself, because it es very useful to know how others approach their projects and marketing endeavors.

So I added the hashtag #crowdfunding to my tweet. Which apparently isn’t allowed in the group, which I would have known had I read the group info. Although I explained, that my blog is not about asking people to contribute money to my project, I was unceremoniously kicked out.

Which leads me to another thing: I noticed that many people don’t really read Facebook posts, but rather scan them. Twice people thought I was asking for contributions (although my project isn’t even live yet), when I was asking for their opinion on my pitch!

So, if there is anyone out there, looking for information about how to prepare a crowd funding project, here is a piece of advice: Be careful how you ask for opinions. I have started to add the information that I am NOT looking for contributions (at least not at the moment), so that people scanning the texts know that I am not trying to pester them, but rather am looking for advice.

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