Writer’s Block? Yes, Please! Part 1

Four reasons why writer’s block may be a good thing!

© waymoreawesomer – Fotolia.com

© waymoreawesomer – Fotolia.com

Many writers complain about being stuck with writer’s block, the inability to write. For some it is like a barrier that keeps them from really sitting down and getting the work done. Others seem to run out of ideas. And, one of the most common forms these days, authors hang out in social networks and thus effectively avoid the real work they should be doing.

Today I want to address this last form of writer’s block since I hear a lot of complaints from authors saying that they have to turn the internet off in order to get work done. Why the h*** would you do that!

Personally I don’t think that writer’s block is such a bad thing. Let me give you some reasons why being blocked can be positive:

  1. Sometimes I simply need some time off from writing. During that time new ideas can surface and, even better, I get eager to get back to work.
  2. During those periods I too, interact more than usual in social networks. But for me this is positive. Not only do I get to meet new and interesting people, I also gather a lot of information and support.
  3. And then there is one other point that is really important for me: I can promote my books without having to really “promote” them. When interacting with people, talking about what I do, contributing to discussions and exchanging views about books from other authors, people are interested in finding out what I do. It is a much more effective form of marketing than bothering them with shout outs such as “buy my new book!”.
  4. For me writer’s block is a period during which I prepare for new books, take actions to promote books that are already out there and have some fun while doing it!

Are there other positive aspects that you can think of? Let me know! Please use the comment field below.

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