A day out of J.B.’s life

Before I became a writer myself I used to think that authors were these fascinating people who have travelled a lot, seen the world and have experienced numerous adventures. How else were they supposed to write interesting fiction?

Today I know better. Author’s are most often people who sit all day behind a computer. Wrapped up in a story, agonizing over a story, editing a story or thinking about writing a story.

Not very glamorous.

In order to give you a better idea of what I do, and how I do it, here is an overview of a typical day:

  • 6.30 a.m. The alarm rings for the first time. Hit snooze and go back to sleep.
  • 6.35 a.m. Alarm rings again. Hit snooze. Why me?
  • – Repeat five times –

  • 7.00 a.m. Get up. Kids and husband already are wide awake.
  • 7.05 a.m. Try to keep eyes open. Lay the table. Sit down.
  • 7.10 a.m. Not able to follow discussion that is more sophisticated than “Pass the butter, please.”
  • 7.25 a.m. Kids and husband leave the house.
  • 7.30 a.m. Deep breath.
  • 7.31 a.m. Time to get myself ready: shower, brush teeth, comb hair …. wait.
  • 7.32 a.m. I’ll just write that scene that unfolded while all I wanted was to fall asleep
    last night. It’ll only take 10 minutes, 15 minutes max.
  • 11.30 a.m. Someone rings at the door. Open door. Sign for package. Have I ordered something?
  • 11.33 a.m. Close door. Take a look in the mirror. Damn. I totally forgot to get out of the ancient jump suit, brush hair and in general get presentable. The post man probably didn’t notice, he hardly ever seens me when I look like a normal, responsible human being.
  • 11.55 a.m. Ok. Now I am showered, properly dressed and ready to face the day.
  • 11.56 a.m. I will just check that scene, tweek it a bit.
  • 13.45 p.m. It’s time to pick up the kids from school.
  • 14.30 p.m. The general mayhem has died down. Kids are studying/doing homework/quarreling.
  • 15.00 p.m. I’ll just do a re-write. That scene wasn’t nearly as good as I thought.
  • 15.01 p.m. I’ll only pop over to facebook real quick.
  • 18.30 p.m. Husband is back from work. Hungry.
  • 18.35 p.m. Whip up quick but very tasty meal.
  • 18.36 p.m. A look into the refrigerator reveals: The only quick, tasty meal I can cook
    consists of a week old lettuce and eggs. Hmmm.
  • 18.40 p.m. Order pizza.
  • 19.00 p.m. Settle in front of the TV (Ok, we hardly ever do that. Normally we discuss
    philosophical topics).
  • 22.00 p.m. Get to bed. Try to fall asleep. Think about the next chapters. Sleep.
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