The story behind the story (Demons die harder)

Demons_die_harder_Cover KopieI am often asked how I get my ideas, or why I wrote a particular book. So here is the story behind “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder”, part 1 of the Creatures of Fire Series:

As an avid reader of fantasy novels „Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder“ is my first attempt at writing a fantasy novel myself. Reading fantasy lets me escape into different worlds, explore foreign characters and talents that are not common in our world, which is why I love this genre so much.

Ever since the idea formed in my head, I wanted to create a world of my own, so I began researching mysterious beings from fairy tales and myths. It didn’t take me long to discover fire demons and to be fascinated by them.

According to myth, fire demons come into our world to avenge murder. Focussed on their mission they are impartial, with a deep-seated sense of honor and duty. While researching these creatures, Alexander, one of the main characters of the “Creatures of Fire” series, entered my thoughts. He began to tell his story: How he came into this world with the sole purpose of avenging murders. How he began to discover his love of ancient artifacts and art. How he led a life withdrawn from humans but also in the midst of their presence. Not much later Sariel joined him, telling how her parents were killed in an accident, how loneliness and sadness engulfed her ever since the tragedy.

But then she met Alexander.

What set out as a love interest developed into something different. Something far more dangerous and mysterious. Fate threw them into situations where they were forced to fight for their believes.

As happens so often, Alexander and Sariel told the story, not me. While writing the book I didn’t know what would happen next and how they would overcome the obstacles that were in their paths. And then they led me into the ancient, fascinating world of the demons – Dschinnanya. A place where nothing stays the same, where changes are the only constant and where no one can be trusted.

Writing this story was an adventure in itself and an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Currently I am working on part 2 of the series, which promises to lead me and the reader further into the world of the demons and will feature more of the characters readers have come to love.

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4 Responses to The story behind the story (Demons die harder)

  1. Claudia Riggs says:

    Loved this book so much I couldn’t stop til it was done…..the new concept for demons is both intriquing and thrilling. I can’t wait for the next edition…December is a long way off. Good luck and happy writing.
    A NEW Fan…..

  2. Kristina says:

    I must tell you that I absolutely LOVED this book! I immediately fell in love with Sariel and Alexander and later Tim! I am sooo excited for the next installment and I will most definately be recommending this book to ALL of my friends! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing in every way! Thank you for this intriguing look into how this story came about! 🙂

    • Dear Kristina,
      Thank you so much!!! It really, really means a lot to me to hear from my readers and I am so happy that you like the book!!
      Thanks again and have a great day :).
      Best regards,

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