Everything is possible!

ID-10020299One of the things I enjoy tremendously and unfortunately don’t often have the time for is listening to music. And by that I don’t mean background music that’s being played on the radio, but rather sitting down and choosing songs that I love.

Yesterday was one of the rare occasions that I found the time to do just that. I couldn’t sleep and instead of turning and tossing for another hour, I turned on my iPad, went to YouTube and began selecting videos of songs I like.

Leaning back I enjoyed the music, closed my eyes and let the lyrics wash over me. A feeling of gratitude, harmony and bliss began to spread within me. And then something else: Deep down I knew that everything is possible. That whatever endeavor I started, I could succeed, if I really wanted.

That’s the impact music always has on me, when I take the time to listen and to enjoy. All of sudden I feel as though the world is my oyster.

What does music do to you? What do you do, when you want to feel like this?


    Too close – Alex Clare
    Meine Seele – Xavier Naidoo
    Nothing else matters – Metallica
    Where the streets have no name – U2
    Everything I do – Brian Adams
    Good Vibrations – Marky Mark
    Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega
    Apologize – One Republic
    Crazy – Gnarls Barcley
    Grenade – Bruno Mars
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