Sariel – The character behind the person

woman portraitSariel was and is quite a challenging character for me to write about. For one thing I can feel her pain because of loosing her parents, which I don’t really want her to dwell on because it is just too painful.

At the beginning of the story, when meeting Alexander for the first she is so very unsure about herself. She has lost the ability for light banter or conversation. Withdrawing for almost two years from social interaction will do that to you.  Going out again, allowing herself to have fun and to feel joy don’t come easily to her.

Age: 19
Place of birth: New York City
Hair color: dark red
Eye color: brown
Height: 5.6 foot
Current address: Paris, France


  • High school diploma at a swiss boarding school
  • 1st semester of art history at the Sorbonne, France

Characteristics and special abilities:

  • Is able to see demons and to dissolve into smoke.
  • Is able to direct rage and other emtions at a certain target.
  •  Is able to use the energies of the elements air and earth.
  •  Has withdrawn from her friends and social circle since the death of her parents.
  • Has yet to discover her sense of responsibility.
  • Has to come to terms with her true nature.
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