Alexander – The character behind the demon

May_01 _alexander_2Talking about a difficult character, Alexander certainly is complex and not easy to grasp. He is a fire demon, which accounts for his quick temper and his energy. As a demon he is a very private, solitary person, spending more time in the company of old masterpieces than with humans.

He can change his outer appearance at will, which is why there are different fotos of him.Alexander_3

Then he meets Sariel and all of sudden he finds himself drawn to her, without really knowing what it is that fascinates him about her. He is about to find out …

May_01 _alexander_1Age: More than 100 years old
Place of birth: Syria
Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Height: 6.3 foot

Current address:

  • Tisavar – Sahara
  • Summit – Alps

Education: Self educated.

Characteristics and special abilities:

  • Purpose in life is to avenge murders.
  • Is able to dissolve into smoke.
  • Can read the thoughts of human beings.
  • Can be invisible to human eyes.
  • His outer appearance changes according to the image a human woman would have of the perfect man.
  • Master of Kalaripayat.
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