The thing about free books

Free, only today!

Free, only today!

As a self publishing author offering free books in order to gain greater recognition and new readers is a valuable marketing tool. There is however, a concern probably all authors share when using this method: Are we all digging our own graves by giving away books for free?
Lately I have viewed this through the eyes of a reader and discovered a few things:

  • I love to read books and I easily devour 2 or 3 each week. So this tends to be an expensive hobby when purchasing printed books. With ebooks it became more affordable and with free ebooks I can even discover great authors I would otherwise never have found among the thousands of books published on Amazon.
  • I have found many unknown authors and great books since downloading free ebooks.
  • I don’t mind buying the other books of author when I liked the free book. In fact I am always happy when I discover a new author.
  • I am a lot more spontaneous and open to giving books a chance when I don’t have to pay for them.
  • I am really grateful that I can read books even in times when money is scarce.

Ok, these points are not ground breaking insights, nobody else has made, but for me it was a good exercise to think like a reader and to consider this other point of view. So yes, I will offer my books for free in the future and I hope that they find readers who enjoy them!

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