Save Dschinnanya – An exciting new project

Futuristic Alien City - Computer ArtworkSince yesterday I am in the middle of  an exciting new project. “Save Dschinnanya!” is my attempt to finance the writing of my sequel to part 1 of my fantasy novel “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder”.

In the next weeks I am going to keep you updated on how my project develops. Yesterday it started with a lot of work:

  • I started looking for the ideal platform to use. My first choice was Kickstarter but they only support projects created by residents of the US or UK. I was a bit surprised since a number of projects seem to be located in Germany, but anyway, Kickstarter was not an option for me.
  • I set up my project with Indiegogo.
  • I worked on my pitch. You can view the results here:
  • I bought a book “How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days!”, telling me how to turn this project into a successful funding raising adventure. Patrice Williams Marks wrote a short but very insightful guide on how to do that.  I  am not certain if I will be successful, but if not it’s not her fault.
  • Patrice says I need at least 6 months preparation before I start the fund raising. I decide I will give myself one month.

So that was day 1, yesterday. If all goes according to plan I will be giving you an update on day 2 later today.

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