What is Prefundia?

PrefundiaSince it’s the weekend and I promised myself I wouldn’t work much, I thought I would explain in more detail what Prefundia is and why I put up my crowd funding project there.

Prefundia lets you post a description of your crowd funding project before it goes live. People can sign up to be informed as soon as your project starts. All you have to do is go to your Prefundia Dashbord and click on “Launch and email Followers”. That’s it! Everybody who signed up before, will receive an email and know that now is the time when he can contribute.

Pretty cool. Isn’t it?

You on the other hand have the opportunity to find out before going live if there is anyone out there potentially willing to support your cause.

After two days on Prefundia my project had 88 views and 2 followers. I am not sure whether these are good or bad numbers. Certainly I hoped for 100 followers all waiting impatiently for my project to start, but, the important thing is: I don’t know these people! They are neither friends nor family, so I must have reached somebody with my attempts these past days. And that is something I am proud of.

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4 Responses to What is Prefundia?

  1. J.B. How did it turn out? Did Prefundia help your project? We just put our Ocean Energy Turbine project on Prefundia prior to launching on Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2014. http://prefundia.com/projects/view/ocean-energy-turbine/584/ Hope it helps our project!

    • Sorry to answer so late but I just got back from x-mas holidays. Prefundia did help, it sent quite a lot of people to my site. Since it’s free posting your project there certainly doesn’t hurt. Good luck with it!!!

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