Save Dschinnanya! – The Weekend

Fantasy Scene with Statues, Mountains and a LakeDespite the fact, that I didn’t want to do much on the weekend -and I hadn’t- I managed to get myself kicket ouf of a Facebook group. Which is a first. This is what happens if you want to just do a tiny little thing, like post a tweet for others to retweet. I wanted to inform other authors that they can find a kind of diary here, explaining how I prepare my crowd funding project and what I do in order to attract people to it. I like to read this type of blog myself, because it es very useful to know how others approach their projects and marketing endeavors.

So I added the hashtag #crowdfunding to my tweet. Which apparently isn’t allowed in the group, which I would have known had I read the group info. Although I explained, that my blog is not about asking people to contribute money to my project, I was unceremoniously kicked out.

Which leads me to another thing: I noticed that many people don’t really read Facebook posts, but rather scan them. Twice people thought I was asking for contributions (although my project isn’t even live yet), when I was asking for their opinion on my pitch!

So, if there is anyone out there, looking for information about how to prepare a crowd funding project, here is a piece of advice: Be careful how you ask for opinions. I have started to add the information that I am NOT looking for contributions (at least not at the moment), so that people scanning the texts know that I am not trying to pester them, but rather am looking for advice.

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