Save Dschinnanya! – Week 1

ID-10020299Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t blog as much as last week about my new project. The thing is, I have to earn money by not writing novels but by doing something a bit more boring. So I had to put my crowd funding project on the back burner. This didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything, just not as much as in the first few days.

Last week I contacted many fantasy book bloggers, asking them whether or not they were interested in featuring my project. So far I am still waiting for answers. Seems that not everybody is as enthusiastic as I am about my endeavor. I’ll give it more time but at the moment I am seriously considering hiring a blog tour organiser. The only problem is: this will cost me and I am not sure if I can afford it.

Next week I’ll contact more bloggers. Hopefully I’ll get some positive feedback. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Any book bloggers who read this and would like to have more information about featuring “Save Dschinnanya!”, please send me an email: jb at jb-brooklin dot com

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