What is Prefundia?

PrefundiaSince it’s the weekend and I promised myself I wouldn’t work much, I thought I would explain in more detail what Prefundia is and why I put up my crowd funding project there.

Prefundia lets you post a description of your crowd funding project before it goes live. People can sign up to be informed as soon as your project starts. All you have to do is go to your Prefundia Dashbord and click on “Launch and email Followers”. That’s it! Everybody who signed up before, will receive an email and know that now is the time when he can contribute.

Pretty cool. Isn’t it?

You on the other hand have the opportunity to find out before going live if there is anyone out there potentially willing to support your cause.

After two days on Prefundia my project had 88 views and 2 followers. I am not sure whether these are good or bad numbers. Certainly I hoped for 100 followers all waiting impatiently for my project to start, but, the important thing is: I don’t know these people! They are neither friends nor family, so I must have reached somebody with my attempts these past days. And that is something I am proud of.

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Save Dschinnanya – Day 3

Yellow stick note isolated on white backgroundDay 3 was relatively slow in comparison to the first two days:

  • I emailed some contacts and bloggers asking if they would be willing to support the project and put a guest post on their site.
  • I posted some tweets and a Facebook update.
  • I emailed the news to my mailing list, including all readers who are waiting for part 2 to finally be published.
  • I calculated the costs so that supporters know what they are paying for.
  • I checked the stats on the various sites every 15 minutes (not very productive).

Next week I will contact a LOT more bloggers. I am aiming for 50 blogs to feature my project. We’ll see whether or not I am able to achieve that goal.

But for now, I am enjoying my weekend. No work today. Ok, maybe I’ll send out some emails but only a few.

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Save Dschinnanya – Day 2

I woke up thinking “nobody is going to care, why should anyone want to contribute to this project?”. I must admit I don’t have the answer, all I know is that I am excited and that this adventure is something that feels like a heart’s desire. If any of this enthusiasm touches others … that would be awesome :).

Anyway, yesterday I was really busy. After reading the book I bought the day before I was a bit frustrated. I don’t have a mailing list with 1000 people all ready and waiting to jump in and contribute to “Save Dschinnanya!”. I don’t have someone to help me with the campaign.  I don’t have … well, the list could go on and on.

So, here is what I did:

  • I created a video for the project. Which is a miracle in itself because I am not very good at these things. However, this time I think I did quite well. Check the video out, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on it. You can play it with the link at the top of the page, or go to Youtube and watch it there: Video – Save Dschinnanya!
  • I created a page at Prefundia, now people can sign up and will be automatically notified when my funding project goes live! So what are you waiting for, now is your chance to be part of something special! The link is right here.
  • I signed up with Autograph in order to send signed copies of my ebooks to contributors.
  • I tried to get friends to like my Save Dschinnanya! Facebook page.
  • I created a Save Dschinnanya! Twitter account.

Looking at the list I now know why I didn’t get much else done yesterday.

Demons_die_harder_Cover Kopie

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Save Dschinnanya – An exciting new project

Futuristic Alien City - Computer ArtworkSince yesterday I am in the middle of  an exciting new project. “Save Dschinnanya!” is my attempt to finance the writing of my sequel to part 1 of my fantasy novel “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder”.

In the next weeks I am going to keep you updated on how my project develops. Yesterday it started with a lot of work:

  • I started looking for the ideal platform to use. My first choice was Kickstarter but they only support projects created by residents of the US or UK. I was a bit surprised since a number of projects seem to be located in Germany, but anyway, Kickstarter was not an option for me.
  • I set up my project with Indiegogo.
  • I worked on my pitch. You can view the results here: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/ec69bf1d
  • I bought a book “How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days!”, telling me how to turn this project into a successful funding raising adventure. Patrice Williams Marks wrote a short but very insightful guide on how to do that.  I  am not certain if I will be successful, but if not it’s not her fault.
  • Patrice says I need at least 6 months preparation before I start the fund raising. I decide I will give myself one month.

So that was day 1, yesterday. If all goes according to plan I will be giving you an update on day 2 later today.

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The thing about free books

Free, only today!

Free, only today!

As a self publishing author offering free books in order to gain greater recognition and new readers is a valuable marketing tool. There is however, a concern probably all authors share when using this method: Are we all digging our own graves by giving away books for free?
Lately I have viewed this through the eyes of a reader and discovered a few things:

  • I love to read books and I easily devour 2 or 3 each week. So this tends to be an expensive hobby when purchasing printed books. With ebooks it became more affordable and with free ebooks I can even discover great authors I would otherwise never have found among the thousands of books published on Amazon.
  • I have found many unknown authors and great books since downloading free ebooks.
  • I don’t mind buying the other books of author when I liked the free book. In fact I am always happy when I discover a new author.
  • I am a lot more spontaneous and open to giving books a chance when I don’t have to pay for them.
  • I am really grateful that I can read books even in times when money is scarce.

Ok, these points are not ground breaking insights, nobody else has made, but for me it was a good exercise to think like a reader and to consider this other point of view. So yes, I will offer my books for free in the future and I hope that they find readers who enjoy them!

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Alexander – The character behind the demon

May_01 _alexander_2Talking about a difficult character, Alexander certainly is complex and not easy to grasp. He is a fire demon, which accounts for his quick temper and his energy. As a demon he is a very private, solitary person, spending more time in the company of old masterpieces than with humans.

He can change his outer appearance at will, which is why there are different fotos of him.Alexander_3

Then he meets Sariel and all of sudden he finds himself drawn to her, without really knowing what it is that fascinates him about her. He is about to find out …

May_01 _alexander_1Age: More than 100 years old
Place of birth: Syria
Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Height: 6.3 foot

Current address:

  • Tisavar – Sahara
  • Summit – Alps

Education: Self educated.

Characteristics and special abilities:

  • Purpose in life is to avenge murders.
  • Is able to dissolve into smoke.
  • Can read the thoughts of human beings.
  • Can be invisible to human eyes.
  • His outer appearance changes according to the image a human woman would have of the perfect man.
  • Master of Kalaripayat.
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Sariel – The character behind the person

woman portraitSariel was and is quite a challenging character for me to write about. For one thing I can feel her pain because of loosing her parents, which I don’t really want her to dwell on because it is just too painful.

At the beginning of the story, when meeting Alexander for the first she is so very unsure about herself. She has lost the ability for light banter or conversation. Withdrawing for almost two years from social interaction will do that to you.  Going out again, allowing herself to have fun and to feel joy don’t come easily to her.

Age: 19
Place of birth: New York City
Hair color: dark red
Eye color: brown
Height: 5.6 foot
Current address: Paris, France


  • High school diploma at a swiss boarding school
  • 1st semester of art history at the Sorbonne, France

Characteristics and special abilities:

  • Is able to see demons and to dissolve into smoke.
  • Is able to direct rage and other emtions at a certain target.
  •  Is able to use the energies of the elements air and earth.
  •  Has withdrawn from her friends and social circle since the death of her parents.
  • Has yet to discover her sense of responsibility.
  • Has to come to terms with her true nature.
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